Best 7 Healthiest Drinks Besides Water

Water seems to be everyone’s first choice when it comes to healthy drinks. However, there are other options at your disposal that are equally or even more healthy for your body, whether they are only good for indigestion or can help you combat more serious health issues, such as osteoporosis. Take a look at the best 7 healthiest drinks besides water list.

Orange Juice

The primary benefit of orange juice is to improve your immunity but it’s definitely not the only thing it does. The vitamin C you intake can help from your cells getting damages, which sometimes may lead to cancer. Pregnant women are recommended to regularly drink orange juice to boost the ability of its fetus to protect itself from infections.

Green Tea

It’s not the only tea that is healthy but green tea definitely tops the list. Its antioxidants help your cells protect themselves from substances that cause cancer, while also preventing blood clots that can lead to strokes and heart attacks from forming. Fluoride and flavonoids strengthen your bones and teeth, helping your body fighting tooth decay and osteoporosis.

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Hot Chocolate

When you’re down, it is a great idea to take a cup of hot chocolate. The serotonin it contains will help to improve your mood. Considering that lack of serotonin is considered one of the reasons for depression, hot chocolate might help in fighting it. Cocoa, which is the essential ingredient of chocolate, also has antioxidants that help to keep the health of your cells.

Soy Milk

Soy protein and soluble fiber that are part of soy milk help decrease the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This means soy milk can help with the prevention of heart diseases. When you’re buying it, make sure you get the one that contains vitamins A and D, as well as calcium. There is one downside to soy milk – some research links it to the risk of getting breast cancer.

Grape Juice

Another extremely healthy fruit juice is made from grapes. Basically, the ideal version of this juice is made only by crushing grapes. It contains polyphenol that decreases the risk of heart diseases. Grape juice prevents blood clots from being formed, which means there is far less risk of heart attacks. Wine is also made from grape juice, and it can be healthy to drink a glass of it, especially the red wine.

Low-fat Milk

You’ve been taught as a kid that milk is healthy and that is completely correct. If you are looking for vitamin D and calcium, milk’s got it. However, normal milk has a certain amount of saturated fat which might lead to weight problems. This is why it’s far healthier to consume skim or low-fat milk. You won’t lose virtually anything from its healthy ingredients and you will avoid extra weight.

Lemon Juice

The important thing to note here is that we are not talking lemonade. We think of fresh lemon juice. By squeezing half of it in a glass of water, you will improve your immune system and cleanse your organism. Of course, make sure you consume it regularly.

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Doctor’s Advice: How To Have A Healthy Morning

Morning often decides the tone of the day. If you spent your morning nicely and in a positive mood, chances are that the entire day will be like that. So, why not take a healthy turn and have a positive morning? Check out our doctor’s advice on how to have a healthy morning.

Have A Nice Shower

Other than actually helping you in waking up, a morning shower also helps to attain a peace of mind. Even if you have just a couple of minutes under the shower, make sure to make most out of them. Relax and focus on the warm water, letting all your problems go at least during those several minutes.

Take A Sip Of Warm Lemon Juice

Simply take a glass of warm water and squeeze in a half of lemon (or an entire one if it’s per your taste). Lemon will get all your internal systems going and get your digestive system in shape. If it’s too sour, feel free to add a little amount of honey to your lemon juice.

Prepare Yourself Coffee

Coffee is actually good for your organism. Latest studies show that people that regularly drink coffee have a longer lifespan and a lower risk of suffering from heart diseases and melanoma. So, if you have time, enjoy your coffee in the morning or simply prepare it to be ready to drink it on your way to work.

Open The Shades

There is a great amount of beauty in watching the sunrise. Apart from that, exposure to more light in the morning leads to improving your metabolism and lowering body fat. If you have the option, have your morning coffee on the balcony or in the garden.

Focus On Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and don’t even think about skipping it. Instead, you should focus your attention on having a proper meal in the morning. Don’t avoid food that contains a higher level of protein, eat a couple of hardboiled eggs with cottage cheese and a glass of low-fat milk. This leads to better function of the entire organism throughout the day.

Music Instead Of The News

The majority of people have the habit of turning on the TV and hearing the latest news in the morning. However, there is virtually no good news lately, so the TV often just gets you blood pressure up and annoys you at the start of the day. Instead of that, turn to some upbeat music. This will crank up your morning routine and set you in a cheerful mood for the day.

Walk To Work

More times than not, your work is far away to actually walk the entire distance. However, make sure to walk at least some of the distance, as it will do wonders for your organism. This will help you get more energized and gets you in a more positive mood. On top of that, it is very healthy for your metabolism and can help if you intend to lose some weight.

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Stay In Shape: Best Exercises For Middle-Aged Men

There are some things that naturally happen to our bodies as we grow old, even though we might not like them. You can’t stop your blood vessels from getting more stiffed or testosterone levels to drop. The good news is that you can delay them as long as possible if you take care of your body by leading a healthy life. Aside from a healthy nutrition plan, you need to make sure to exercise on a regular basis. Aerobic exercises will help you fight that increasing body fat and keep lungs and heart in shape, while strength workouts will prevent losing a lot of muscle tissue. Of course, we feel obligated to mention that you should talk to your doctor before beginning any of the exercises.

Walk, Don’t Run

Let’s clear one thing up first – steer clear of running. With years you are far more prone to injury and running can do a lot of damage to your hips and knees. As much as you should avoid running, you should embrace walking. It’s pretty much a natural state of human movement and a great cardiovascular exercise. You should make sure to have certain pace when walking, so try to walk a single mile in less than 20 minutes or two miles in under 35.

Bodyweight Exercises

An important note is to ALWAYS stretch before and after the exercises, this will greatly help to prevent the injuries.

If you are intimidated by the young people at the gym (although there is no reason to be), you can do these exercises at home or even outdoors, considering they don’t need additional equipment.

  • Isometric Push-ups – Get into the regular push-up position. Look forward in order to keep your spine straight and keep the position for at least 10 seconds. Repeat at least three times and make sure to rest appropriately between the repeats;
  • Isometric Bridge – Lie on the floor and lift your knees while your feet are still flat down. Place your hands on your stomach and raise your bottom of the floor. Hold for at least 10 seconds and repeat three times, with rest in between;
  • Heel Raises – This one is simple but will do wonders for your calves. Find a sturdy surface to hold on to while standing up. Raise slowly on your toes, keep for 10 seconds and slowly go back to the starting point. Repeat this exercises ten times.

Weights Exercises

This might be the next step but a necessary one to really keep in shape. With just a set of weights, you can make an amazing progress with your body. There are no limits when it comes to exercises that you can do but be aware that you are not young anymore. Find the exercises that aren’t too complex (this is an individual feeling) and do them. Make sure to cover all the muscles in your body, so, as an example, combine shoulder presses, triceps extensions, bicep curls, and lunges. Experiment and find the perfect combination for you. Once you finish exercising, stretch and make sure you get a proper rest later.

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Top 7 Tips To Quit Smoking

Although many people enjoy it, anyone will admit that smoking is a filthy and disgusting habit. However, once you get hooked on nicotine, it is extremely hard to stop. Smoking is literally an addiction and requires a lot of willpower and strength to quit. Check out our top 7 tips to quit smoking that might make your fight with stopping more bearable.

Always Know Why You’re Doing It

If you want to quit smoking, you’ve got to have your reasons. Only one reason should be enough and that is your health. Smoking kills your organism and increases the risk of lung cancer, heart conditions, and other serious diseases. Whenever you wonder why you wanted to quit in the first place, remind yourself that it can be your chance to live longer and enjoy your life more.


As we said, smoking is an addiction and it is very hard to stop. This is why it is a good idea to set a date when you are going to quit smoking. Meanwhile, you can decrease the daily amount of cigarettes you smoke and ask around about what can help you on the journey. It is advisable to find where you can get counseling or take up classes on how to quit smoking.

Use The Love Of Your Loved Ones

Tell your partner and your family that you are prepared to start the battle to quit smoking. They will be a great source of support and will surely assist you any way they can. Aside from encouraging, they can also keep an eye on you and keep you from lighting up in those crisis moments.

Nicotine Replacement

Once again, smoking is an addiction. When you get the craving for a cigarette, it is extremely hard to resist. Especially when you get in a bad mood or get a headache because you are going through a withdrawal. If you want to have better chances of success, you might need nicotine patches, lozenges or gum.

Find Other Ways To Relax

You know how cigarette gave you that feeling of tranquillity? Well, now you need to find other things that will give you just that. Whether it’s a hot steam bath, finding a new hobby or simply hanging out with friends, try your hardest to get some quality relaxing time once you decide to quit smoking.

Throw Away Everything Related To Cigarettes

Why would you need ashtrays if you don’t smoke? Same goes for lighters and any possible remaining cigarette boxes that you have at your house. Furthermore, it might be best to throw away anything that reminds you of smoking.

Think About The Money You Will Save

People spend a lot on cigarettes. And we mean A LOT. Grab a calculator and come up with the sum you will save when you quit smoking. After being successful for a certain period, you will be able to treat yourself with a holiday trip or get that new computer you wanted for some time now.

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Welcome to Labsarevitalglobal! A True Health Guide by Scientific Standards.

The main thing this site is about is to bring science back into health care and inform the public of the correct and most up to date health information so that they can protect themselves form un-necessary disease in the future. We believe preventative health is much superior to interventional, and these days despite the rigorous training health care professionals receive to practice in the the health setting, there still is a great deal of dogmatic false and jargon knowledge being taught and often the pros themselves dont know! As a team of scientists we have decided to inform the public of exactly what potential pit falls to avoid, such as common health myths etc that are floating around. So without further ado lets start by our very first editorial by Dr Chris Brentworth from Oklahoma State University, a medical practitioner who also has a passion for seasonal changes in health effects.

By Dr Brent Worth

Doctors Claim: Try These 6 Health Tips For The Winter

It’s important to take care of your body through the entire year but especially in the winter. Not only it can get pretty cold outside but when you combine it with the holidays and the stress at work when you return from them, there is very little time to keep tabs on your health. However, with just a little effort, you can go through the entire winter with your health intact. Take a look what doctors claim and try these 6 health tips for the winter.

Quality Sleep

There is a reason why this is the first thing on the list. There’s nothing like a quality sleep to help you fight common winter colds. It is advisable to establish a routine when it comes to sleep during the winter period. Also, make sure to keep your coffee and alcohol intake as low as possible. You should also avoid cigarettes since they also affect your sleep.

Keep Your Nutrition In Order

During the winter, there is a narrow array of fruits and vegetables at our disposal. When you add that we don’t like going out to the store when it’s cold, we easily turn to comfort food, which is usually unhealthy. Don’t allow this to happen, you can still enjoy various healthy food in the winter, such as bananas, kiwis, mandarins, green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes. Our suggestion is to make and enjoy a warm stew rich with these vegetables.

Take Care Of Your immunity

This goes with the previous item on our list but we must mention that your immunity is on a special test during the winter. Don’t challenge your body too much and maybe add some supplements containing nutrients such as vitamin C or herbs such as garlic.

Don’t Stop Exercising

Yes, it might be cold to go out but this is not a reason to stop working out. You can acquire yourself a treadmill or find a nearby gym, which will enable you to continue exercising in a warm and comfy space. Working out will not only prevent you from gaining additional weight but it will also help getting you in a good mood and influence positively on your sleep.

Drink Enough Water

Perhaps our need for water intake is a bit smaller during the winter but your daily goal is still set considerably high. Daily intake of water should still be around two liters to allow your body to function properly. A great substitute for water might be any kind of herbal tea, just avoid putting too much sugar (or at all) in it.

Avoid Stress

Stress always has a negative effect on your overall health and this is even more noticeable during the winter. While it’s impossible to completely avoid it, make sure you apply some kind of relaxation techniques. Whether it’s enjoying a good comedy movie or trying out meditation, mechanisms to relieve stress can significantly help you to stay healthy through the winter.

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